Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor

A grassroots coalition of activists in North America working for contingent faculty: adjunct, part-time, non-tenured, and graduate teaching faculty. We seek to bring greater awareness to the precarious situation for contingent faculty in higher education, organize for action, and build solidarity among our colleagues.


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COCAL X Conference reports and photo galleries

The tenth annual COCAL Conference was held in Mexico City, on the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico from August 9 through August 12, 2012.
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COCAL XIII Conference
2018 in California

The COCAL XIII Conference cannot be held in Mexico in 2018 due to issues with the government and internal issues in some unions. We have rescheduled the conference to take place in summer in California. More details will be posted soon.


Campus Equity Week
National Day of Action: October 31, 2017


For Campus Equity Week in 2017, COCAL supports the campaign theme developed by a grassroots group of artist activists who have created a website linked to a Facebook and Twitter account.

 Follow the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign on Twitter @2017CEW and use the hashtags #2017CEW and/or #mask4ce.

    Visit the Facebook page "Campus Equity Week 2017" at 2017CEW/

    Visit the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign's website:

    The arts-based site contains a toolkit with downloadable artwork to use on posters and fliers:

       as well as access to a virtual store at this link: where you can purchase union made buttons and/or stickers to publicize the mAsk4CampusEquity campaign and Campus Equity Week.

   Wear a button. Put a sticker on the back of your cell phone cover so people will see it whenever you pull out your phone. Pop one on your shirt if you don't like pins. Order your materials now! If everyone waits until mid October to place an order and we run out, we won't have time to restock and get them to you in time for your events.

Spread the word. Here's a article about the campaign recently published on the AFT website:

    And here's a blog post at the Center for the Study of Academic Labor website that recounts the inception and evolution of mAsk4CampusEquity:

cocalx 7757

COCAL X Conference
(Photo by David Milroy)

Welcome to COCAL International


COCAL is a coalition of higher education activists from the North American continent. We are united in working to improve working conditions at colleges and universities for contingent faculty, including adjunct, part-time, and non-tenure track instructors, and graduate teaching assistants.

COCAL holds biennial conferences with presentations on organizing faculty, gaining equitable working conditions, legislative solutions, and the effects of globalization on higher education.

COCAL draws contingent educators from all geographic regions of Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., and also from all levels of higher education, from non-credit adult ed to community colleges to liberal arts colleges, to 4 year universities, with and without grad schools, from public to private non-profit and for-profit institutions, from all disciplines taught in higher ed, from all unions that represent us on campuses and from the those who have not unionized as yet. We gather because of what we have in common.

COCAL conferences are great fun! Ironically, coming together to talk about a massive problem that oppresses us all very directly results in an atmosphere full of hope, solidarity, personal affection, and tremendous learning. People who come always go home more committed to the struggle and better equipped to engage in it and organize others.

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